July, 2010….

I have been married to an Episcopal priest since a whirlwind romance in 1992. We married later in life and raised three blended kids between us, from their teenage angst to adult-launch-hood. I did not go to seminary with my husband in his youth; he’d been ordained quite a long time when we met. He’s been ordained since 1979 and is now a Canon. And a Hoomin Bean.

In the Greek Orthodox church, the “Presbytera” is the presbyter’s spouse…. and, I am told, also considered a non-ordained but understood-as-holy minister. I try to be, with His help.

I lead the music for our parish’s weekly Saturday Night Service (FMI: http://www.stpaulswellsboro.org). I’m also the parish web geezerette and serve on our Columbarium Committee. I also  “uber-usher” for special liturgies (ordinations, funerals, weddings, baptisms, etc.), and make hospital calls with Greg as well as chauffeuring him to things so he arrives fresh and perky. Sometimes I drive our Bishop, which is also serious FUN!

At http://www.mudcat.org, I coordinate a large international effort to preserve and provide lyrics to African American Spirituals.

My “secular” ministries have been about empowerment and encouragement, whether out in front or behind the scenes. I tend to find that our Lord calls me to fill gaps for which he has been quietly equipping me.

Some people say my ministry nowadays is diaconal. All I know is, God’s in charge– of all of me, to the best I understand and embrace this.



What are your thoughts?

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