God’s in control of the fracking?!? (Who knew?) :~)

I am not at ALL suggesting that anything about fracking is good, but a neat guy just stopped by, and there is a kewl apparent upside even in the midst of all the land-raping.

An appropriately-garbed fellow (reminded me of our son Mike) came up to the porch mos’ ‘speckfully just now (I was proof-listening on my new laptop to an AfAm volunteer audio-book recording of a public-domain Spurgeon work). This fellow, who I later learned is a PhD, was asking about getting onto the farmland behind, uphill, which is owned by our landlord Bruce.

Kevin is from PAF: The Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) is a research center within the Department of Anthropology specializing in Cultural Resource Management. PAF’s primary goal is to train archaeologists to be field and research specialists within a cultural resource management (CRM) framework.

PAF’s research focus is the Northeastern United States with an emphasis on the Susquehanna, Chenango, and Chemung Valleys of New York and Pennsylvania. Students receive intensive mentoring in the legal, administrative, and research management of archaeological projects through a variety of grants and contracts awarded to PAF.


[my paraphrase of a long chat] “Oh, well, we just want to post flags every 50 feet to dig test pits in the wetlands, to be sure that if there are any archaeological sites under all that fracking, we can make them go around them and then we can look into them or at least record their locations for other diggers. But we don’t want the cows to get sick eating our flags. Are they good cows to go among, is there another pasture they can go into when we dig, and who owns the next piece over ‘there’ and ‘there’ and ‘there’?”

So of course I hooked him up (TBTG for cell phones), but how cool is THAT!??! His “farm manners” were exquisite, and I was in my jammies, totally OK having him set a spell to tell me what-all they do.

Nice peeps. Even in a yellow shirt too much like the frackers wear, but it’s for their safety I am sure. I hope the kids he supervises will stop in for a sip of water, even if we are not home- I’ll ask Greg to set out the big yellow cooler full of Potter-county, NFU water). And they can park here, too!

Dogs liked him. Almost as good as seeing Mike in his plant-conservation days.

BOLO, so you can make these folks welcome if you see them on your place!



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