What I’ve Heard This Year

Here’s a collection of some of the things said to me, that resonated during this year of Discernment.

  • “At first, I was kinda scared about what you suggested. Then I realized, “Hey! Susan loves me! She wouldn’t hurt me!” (Same input from two independent sources, in the same words!)
  • “Hey, you are not a princess!”
  • “When you speak, your voice has a lot of power.”
  • “You always shoot straight.”
  • “I thought about what you said, back when…. and I realized recently that….”
  • “Where’s she going now?”
  • “I need a support group for People Loved by Susan.”
  • “What am I gonna do with you?”

Now, these were all helpful opportunities to focus my thinking and my attention, at the time…. but they do not mention Jesus.

That is clearly something for further formation!



2 responses to “What I’ve Heard This Year

  1. Susan–you always were a straight shooter! I love reading your posts, especially the last 2. We have someone in discernment here at St Andrew’s. And my process is not so far behind me that I can’t remember how helpful it is to have the times in between meetings for God to speak with you One on one. My Bishop said to me, at my transitional deacons ordination to remember that discernment never ends. It’s good to hear your honesty and integrity coming through STRONG in your discernment. Not only does it keep you in line, it helps others whose discernment is every bit as essential.

    Hope to see you sometime soon.


  2. It does seem to me very much that the love of Christ is flowing through you to the people whose lives that you touch, and that God has given you the gift of encouragement, and reconciliation.

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