On the Road Again – Overground RR?!?!?

Subject: RE: BS: Boondocking (Camping) Experiences?
(Hint: Google boondocking if that word is foreign to you)

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!

Here’s a tip– vertical boondocker storage! (Google boondocking if that word is foreign to you)

LOL, I been trying to get outta Dodge since Sunday AM, but a surprise car repair delayed me– till I got the pieces RIGHT!

Too much stuff, too much stuff, too much stuff…. gotta sleep in there….too much stuff…. gotta sleep in there….too much stuff…. gotta sleep in there….

Oh. That closet rod, NOT the more-usual deep laundry hamper that usually starts each trip full of clean stuff and ends it full of stuff to wash. Where I’ll be staying is where it’s warm enough to use the van as the closet– step out each AM and grab the day’s clothes. ‘N I kin sleep under that pole-full, so I’m hanging everything so it’ll hang “high” (pants folded). Just in time for hubby to hand things out to me to hang!

Because there is a solid reason for each and every item I am taking (long trip, lotta ministry/music opportunities as well as a training I’m attending and the people I have plans to stop and meet for anti-racism program contacts). I’d already miniaturized each kit as much as I could, and it’s STILL “too much stuff” (including a huge and heavy sculpture-gift to deliver to one relative who’s putting me up). But now it’s just the right amount of stuff!

TBTG for sunlight to get my brain into REAL travel-gear. I almost left last night in not-ready mode– whew! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Now I WANT to go!


PS clothes inside OUT so they look clean when you put them ON.


OK– here’s a long story better told over lunch. Here goes.

Tom Petty sez “you don’t have to live like a refugee.” But as long as yer young enough for the hardships, one can of course CHOOSE to do it in small increments.

And even LIKE it.

“The churches” are just people who do what you do– there are usually little or no hotel bucks for ministry travel.

I’d rather explain over lunch… but the short course is, imagine how many times I have left the Y’s gracious pool passes unused, and what a pain in the patoot THAT is for the nice people who leave them for me. That’s about how often I stand up nice spare-bed hostesses who go to a LOT of trouble (I’d rather have the mess and dirt really.)

Understandably, it gets old. But in MY life, plans can change in a heartbeat, and often do– and I refer to these missed meet-ups as “casualties of ministry.” Even my best friends get frustrated with it, eventually. Thus the number of open beds tends to reduce rather than increase.

And thus– I prefer to keep friends from getting into that loop of prep/frustration by sleeping in my van which is tricked out as a mini-camper. If it were tall enough to stand up in (to use the portapotti), then I’d even figure out how to HEAT it. (Besides the electric blankie.)

But the Y’s have VERY nice showers, not to mention a pool. See?

I guess I am occasionally homeless on purpose for a night or two. My longest trip has been… oh, about 6 weeks.

Thing is, I “specialize” in starting NEW things that have no budget, till they get big enough to generate support for a budget. By the time I am done building that critical mass (God does it of course), I am bored enough (and Called enough) to move on to the next zero-budget challenge.

What I do nowadays is email a bunch of friends when I have a trip pending, and hope one of them offers a no-fuss bed, unless it’s warm enough for campgrounds I can get for $20-25/night (no electricity). That comes out of grocery bucks– but then, I know how to eat cheap, too. :~)


What are your thoughts?

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