Water, from the “Fishbowl”

According to site stats, someone is actually reading much of this. I never know who, or what they get out of it. Strange!

Here at our house, the task of stowing 50 bulky gallons of water is underway in a way that makes it manageable for me (I can’t lift the 55-lb. jugs more than once, yet) and Greg (who has no time to help). I have several 2-1/2 gal and smaller containers we did not have last time we fetched home so much water…. I’ll have to juggle spigots (we have 3 for 6 jugs) and space to set up a pouring-off station like last time, but I’ve reconfigured the space a tad since last time… we have enough to last till the next fetching allows  porch storage, and I know where THAT can be managed…

So… I dunno who’s reading this; I know this, tho– if everyone had to personally lift all the water they drink, as some of us do, the water policies in the US would be hugely different. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon! I’m grateful we have the experience to know how, and the water to do it with, but I leave a week from tomorrow on a trip. And I do NOT want these huge jugs in Greg’s way.

In the main house, plans move (slowly) forward to paint the lower level sometime this year. I’ve just about decided to retain one wall of the weird wallpaper that IS this house to many of its past occupants, our guests, and us. It’s the one wall which unknown 1970’s workers papered really well– laying out the geometric pattern so it’s centered on windows and such– which will not be substantially re-arranged, post-paint. If I leave it, the fabric we got for drapes will work, I think; after 15+ years here, I almost don’t totally hate the pattern as much as the overuse of it in a narrow space. If the fabric works (I have some to play with), leaving that one wall will actually look like it was papered on purpose to go with the room decor.

As I write, a sermon or meditation is shaping up in the background of my mind, for potential use in lay-preaching, and I might be doing a Good Friday meditation again this year. It’s from something that actually happened among a group I knew, about Star Trek as an example of myth: myth that weaves into belief that weaves into how one chooses to live and how one judges others’ choices… which we all do!

The sermon is about how easy the slide into/towards paganism really is–and probably was, for the OT folks in their time– and is for us, in our time.

Beam me up to the pulpit, Scotty! :~)

You could drop me a line, you know. :~) Then I’d be writing for you.


One response to “Water, from the “Fishbowl”

  1. Ah, yes! The carrying of water is certainly a good lesson in proper usage of this precious substance. I did it for almost 15 years but only in one gallon jugs. And caught rainwater in garbage cans for washing. A large portion of the world’s population carries water for long distances, and then need to boil it for safety – or become ill. Most North americans are SO spoiled. If they do not get the message soon….

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