“Where the HECK have I been? WHY?

Sometimes my “process” (my process, not the process) takes me far afield. In the darkness of winter, it can be hard to be sure where I am, or why.

This year, as spring light dawns, I know that some of where I have been has been is this: deeply and safely held in an incubator for a new approach to music– feeding the mind and ear to synthesize performance-type material for offertories with Greg. We had agreed, last vacation, to focus on these. And my Saturdays have been given to EYM instead of working on congregational music for Saturday night’s service.

One of my roles in our music has always been to be the “hit spotter” and “song fetcher.” Here is the weird array of stuff that has drawn me, while I wresteld all winter with faith issues:

There Is A Kingdom Coming – Brian Free & Assurance
Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored – GVB
I Know I Love You – Easters
Heart O’ Mine – Dallas Holm
Jesus Will Pick You Up – Brian Free & Assurance
Jonah, Job & Moses – Oak Ridge Boys
Breathe Deep – Guy Penrod
Please Forgive Me – Jason Crabb
He Is Here – GVB
Yahweh – Isaacs
A Little More Time – Marty Stuart
God Bless Us All – Brucie Weil – 1953
Come Into the House of the Lord – Marty Stuart
Get Up Out of That Ground – Marty Stuart
God On The Mountain – Lynda Randle
God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on You – Pete Seeger
Gospel Story of Noah’s Ark  – Marty Stuart
He is Here – GVB
Hear The Voice Of My Beloved – Cynthia Clawson
I’ve Come Too Far – Isaacs
Move Along Train – Marty Stuart
Gods River Blues
He’s My Secret Passion
I’ll Remember You Love In My Prayers (AKA Curtains of Night ) – P.J. Murrihy & Seamus Shannon
Rainbow at the End of Every Storm
I Need Thee Every Hour – Randy Owen
Ready to Leave
Till I’m Too Old to Die Young
Way Down in the Bottom of Your Heart –  Marty Stuart
We Are So Blessed – GVB
Without You Holding My Hand – Marty Stuart
Yes, I Know – GVB
When Zephyrs Of Heaven Shall Fan Me To Sleep
The Old Church Yard – Larry Sparks
He’s Everything To Me- Larry Sparks
I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages- Larry Sparks
The Testing Times- Larry Sparks
Everything’s Alright- Larry Sparks
Family Bible- Larry Sparks
Senorita- Larry Sparks
Rivers Of Babylon – Gaither
You’re My Best Friend – Gaither
Peace Be Still – Candy Christmas
Climbing up the Mountain – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
I Heard It First On The Radio – Gaither Vocal Band
I Need You More Today – Easters
I’d Rather Have Jesus
If I Can Help Somebody – JD Sumner
I Know Where I Am Now – Jake Hess
Born To Climb – Easters
The Broken Ones – Talleys

They’re all worth a listen (several times through). Samples can be found via Google while we work them into our Saturdays. :~)



What are your thoughts?

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