The Thaw Is ON!

My Hotmail calendar prompted me to open up Dog World for the season, so I would not forget it, in the lingering SAD thing. “Dog World” has two sections that amount to a fenced-in yard of suburban proportions, occupying a small fraction of our enormous, country-farm setting. One half of DW is for grassy settin’ and the other half is the dogs’ romp-n-run space. Dog World can be viewed at YouTube. It’s just one of several outdoor spaces I civilized last summer.

Now if I can just keep it in the forefront of the week’s stuff, while I whip a swollen gland, a recurrent bladder infection, and work stuff…… well, I can plan: maybe I’ll actually get out there next week, which is STILL 2 weeks earlier than it needs to be!

Garden, here I come! (The materials are in Dog World.)


My particular sunlight requirements in warm weather are for filtered sun/shade, like impatiens love; so all these spaces have a mix of sun and shade built in. My summer settin’ (cooling) pond (in Dog World) has a shade canopy.

All the outdoor areas I established last year will take most of March and April to revive, given my energy level, strength, and endurance; but the pieces should all be there to work with– I’ll just need to buy some dirt and for that, I need to get the empty water jugs out of the van first. As soon as the road up to the spring in Potter County is open, that’s the next big thing on our list.


Improvements abound indoors, too.

  • An air cleaner now eliminates the massive dog-dirt and dog-hair generated by Faulkner and his dog, Sadie.If they get a monthly bath, now, I will be able to say truthfully that I no longer live in a toxic science experiment, and add visitors to these outdoor spaces as they were designed to include.
  • A new small fridge set up as a giant “crisper” is so neat, now that yesterday’s initial grocery-trip has begun to fill it. Produce, at eye level, on well-lit glass shelves– all set with the right humidity and temp to hold veggies for daily consumption.

We are blessed to serve a generous parish that bestows a ton of fresh produce on us all summer; to have a place waiting to put and keep things that used to be jammed into the nasty, dirty energy-hogging old fridge (circa 1970’s), where at least half of the bounty would soon become inedible… well, it reflects a huge change in our eating habits too.

Each night’s main meal component is a freshly-made veggie specialty. Of course we also eat small amounts of protein and starch, but they are no longer the focus of our thinking– or our dollars.

My hope for our garden is to grow what we can eat, and not worry at all about canning and freezing– just grow it and eat it up, in season, eventually. (A friend is a restaurateur who appreciates the occasional produce contribution.) In the meantime, I don’t mind practicing with store-bought goodies while we learn more about doing it ourselves.

Each shelf in that crisper has a different container for the goods– pretty, eclectic, stuff we already had on hand. All the shelves come out for easy washing. They may even fit in the dishwasher. I set some colorful plastic trays on top to make it easy to “shop the crisper” for each evening’s meal.



2 responses to “The Thaw Is ON!

  1. My husband, and I are into eating a plant-based diet also. I think it’s much better for your health, and the planet. Have you read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live?

    Dr. Fuhrman is a life-style physician who has really helped people with serious health and fitness issues using a dietary approach.

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