Pt. I: Recommended Resources

ANSWERING GOD: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer
Author: Eugene Peterson


This review is from Amazon:

…I first read “Answering God: The Psalms As Tools for Prayer” when I checked it out of a local library. The book so moved and changed me that I had to stop midway, turn the book back in at the library, and order a copy.

“Answering God” is the kind of book that helps the reader open doors that have always be locked to them. In my case, it has revolutionized the way I pray while giving the Psalms greater meaning to me.

It is a small book of great depth. It looks at the Psalms–warts and all. It digs deep into the topics it discusses. It looks at the basic questions of what a Psalm consists of. It then teaches what prayer is and how it affects those who pray. It follows this by teaching the reader how to pray the Psalms.

This book is full of practical advice and direction. Eugene Peterson is the perfect person to write this book. He is an expert in the field of prayer…not because of any degree he holds but because he is a deep person of prayer (this will be crystal clear to anyone who reads the book). Peterson is a trusted guide for the sometimes unforgiving terrain of the Psalms.

I give “Answering God” my most heartfelt recommendation. I urge you to get a copy today.


“… a small book of great depth…” I agree. Marvelous little book. Got it because, in another assigned text, the author mentions this one. Thought it would help, and it did.


Along with the Daily Office readings (ECUSA/RCL) that have structured my studies and piety this year, I’ve been enjoying learning more about our denomination’s relationship with the Moravians by looking at their Daily Texts email resource (daily when possible). A nice addition to keep each day grounded in Christ even when I’m on the run! The Daily Texts are also available in a variety of published formats and can be found by visiting the web site or by calling the Interprovincial Board of Communication of the Moravian Church in North America at 800.732.0591, ext. 38.


Looking forward to hearing commenters’ experiences with these.





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