Evil That Can Be Stopped

I read a news story today about a tragic and deeply disturbing disruption in the peace of our world, in Africa, that labeled a guerilla force as a headless monster that cannot be stopped. My comment:

Beneath all the horror and people’s shock in the grip of the horror, there is a powerful reality waiting to be seen.

That is: there is no such thing as a headless monster. “Evil” is real and can be pursued. That is the head.

The most powerful weapon is not to fight what is Evil with violence, but to love it. Love heals.

Love makes what is sick desire to be well. Love expressed in prayer WORKS. Yes there also needs to be work for justice. But there is no reason that justice cannot be pursued at the same time love is prayed.

Love will make every effort more powerful.

So I choose to pray lovingly for Joseph Kony and each of the children who have been brutalized into fueling this madness. And I invite any who wish to join that effort simply to DO IT. And then (of course!) give and work as you are led to give and to work, but start with prayer if you want to maximize your efforts and everyone else’s.

Even if you are pretty sure prayer will do no good, or that no God is listening– hey, what harm can it do?


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