Don’t Lose Me Now!

This is the next song (in the list from a previous post) that I’m working on. See track #10, Don’t Lose Me Boy, sound-clip here:

Don’t Lose Me Boy (by Michael Bacon)

1. Well you say you’ll climb the highest mountain
In the whole damn world;
I think you will… yes I’m sure you will!
But you may need some guy you know
Down at base camp far below.
I could help a lot… yes, and maybe not….<br><br>
Don’t lose me boy,
Now that you’ve found your way.
Leave me some light of day
So these old eyes can see their way.
Off you go and out the door,
Don’t you look back any more.
Between the pain and the joy–
Don’t lose me, boy!
Don’t you lose me, boy.<br><br>

2. So you say you’ll be the next Hendrix,
Clapton or Buddy Guy.
I think you will… yes I’m sure you will!
But who you got on that second guitar,
Background vocals, electric sitar, and changing strings?
I can do lots of things…<br><br>


3. You’ll probably roll your eyes
And tell me to lighten up–
(I think I will… some day I’m sure I will?)
But this song is for your mom and me
Just before we set you free–
So listen if you can–
Boy take it like a man!<



I’m retitling it DON’T LOSE ME NOW (gender-neutral), and I will write some verses to reflect a feeling I have often had when I have mentored people.

A long, long time ago, before this whole ministry business all began, I rememebr grieving one day (and praying) about people in my life who came and went. I described it then in my prayer as the people I hold close for a time as they passed thru my loose hands. “Can’t I keep even one?” I cried out.

I didn’t then have a mentor of my own who could have helped me with this.

I rmember my hands aching as I held them out in prayer, feeling the weight pass through and keep going.

When I mentor, boundaries open wide. I get to be so close, and then, eventually, see the mentored one take off in flight. It’s a special privilege to be trusted in that way, by a fledgeling, and I always let go. Somehow it’s an instinct that carries me through the act of embracing their departure as much as I embraced their arrival and their growth.

But still~  on many occasions there has been an intense missing of them~ not my role with them but their uniqe selves, with who I’d fallen in love. And even knowing I was doiong right, it still hurt.

Another metaphor that comes to mind is the twinge of intense pain some women get when we ovulate. An egg must first burst forth before it can be fertilized…. Or the unique pain of the last pushes of delivering a child.

It just hurts. It’s a good hurt, and you can embrace it~~ but it hurts.

Now a friend of mine has just been ordained as a priest. I’ve played so many roles in her formation, some of them quite messy. I know that the boundaries of those roles are going, now, through the shrink-back period. It’s just like a uterus, swollen enough to hold a precious burden safely to the end, has to contract.

I know that the friendship will probably need to be remade. Not from scratch exactly… but in some mystical way and in God’s time.

Still, it feels a  lot like this song! So thanks, Bacon Brothers, for singing it where I could hear it! :~)



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