Blowin’ My Way

This is the third song from the group I am working on. The title of the song is “Second Wind.” I came across this about a year after The Secret Garden woke me up. :~)

(Claire Lynch & Pamela Brown Hayes, Songs of Polygram Int’l Pub., Inc. – Sound Cell Songs, BMI)

Somethin’ familiar blew in with the wind
a dream I let fall by the wayside
I find myself yearnin’ to live it again
Now, there’s no stoppin’ me this time, ’cause

I’ve been surveyin’ the shape that I’m in
Wasted and weary and wearin’ it thin
I know where I’ve been but who knows where I’m goin’
I feel a second wind blowin’, blowin’ my way

The first time around you don’t know what you have
until the day comes when you lose it
Now, I’m gettin’ ready for my second chance
This time I won’t refuse it, ’cause

I won’t be denyin’ my heart any longer
The longer I wait, this feeling grows stronger

Claire Lynch:


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