Between Cross and Bible

July 13, 2010.

The other day I came out of a hot Burger King, cup of ice in hand to chill the cranberry tea I’d made at our previous stop. As I aimed for the AC passenger seat, I saw that there on the blistering asphalt lay a small, plastic-outline-style cross. Blue. A little gothic in shape, about four inches long; it had scalloped curlicues. It looked like it had been pounched out a mold of cheap plastic. There began my moral dilemma, which I soon turned into a meditation that is still unfolding. May it unfold also for you. :~)

Who had carried it? Why had they discarded it? Was it wrong to leave it, or more wrong not to leave it for someoene else who might need it more? Would a chld pick it up, and if s/’he did, would mommy or daddy be horrified? (“No! Dirty!”)

Well, I didn’t have a decision, so I hopped into our car and left it. I’m better about not picking up everything, these days.

As I settled in, in the truck parked beside our drivers’ door,  I spotted a well-worn leather Bible with thumb-cutouts indexing the gilt-dged paper. I could see that it was the thin, incredibly strong type of paper we use in our thinner BCPs– rice paper.

The cover was curling and the gilt was fading….this Bible sat unceremoniously on the dusty dashboard. It made me so haoppy to see it tossed there so casually! (The kind of happy a little girl gets when she sees and shouts “Horsies!” Or “Train!”)

I didn’t even need to see the owner (I pictured a big strong, hardworking fellow), to know that this Bible was in the best hands possible.

My meditation, as we left and continued our “day off” ramble, was that this is right where I live these days: snugly between found crosses and Scripture. It’s a good place to live.

I pray that cross and that Bible have rich lives ahead of them–wherever they may go and whoever may carry them, for whatever reason.

What particular cross and Scripture are you snugly cradled by, today? And do you take them with you, or leave them for others?



What are your thoughts?

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