New Music for 2010-11

This blog is also a place where I will share (and update often) what music is happening with me and with The Good News-Goodtime Band, members of which play for St. Paul’s weekly Saturday Night Service (7p.m.).

Since I lead the Band, I find and arrange most of our music. I love to adapt classics I have heard, by ear, in new ways that suit our Band. Quite often as I work on a piece, new verses come to me. When I look back, often I cannot tell which verses I wrote, myself! :~)

Below are the songs we’ll be taking on vcacation this year to preiew and learn so we can teach them to the Band in the Fall.

As I work on each one, I’ll post about it here– where and how I fond it, what we’ll do to adapt it for our sound, what the finished text will be as I edit it for Anglican Theology. I’ll also add links so you can hear them as we first did, and eventually (I hope), clips of our approach. Till then– if you Google a song’s title, you might find what I found.



Goodnight The Lord’s Coming – done, see new post

Walk Around Me Jesus

I Want To Know That You Know
There Is A Kingdom Coming
Woman’s Got A Mind To Change
Rockin’ Jerusalem
Just Tell Them When You Saw Me I Was On My Way
Guess Again (KJs Song)
I Know I Love You
O Holy Night (Featuring Gerald Wolfe)
Don’t Lose Me Boy
He Was There All The Time
Jesus Will Pick You Up (aka Way Down) (to rewrite minus the sin)
I Know What You’re Talking About
The Old Gospel Ship
Angelina (to retitle/adapt as PRESBYTERA or PREBYTEROS)
At the Foot of the Rainbow
Great Day in the Mornin’
Mansion Over the Hilltop
My Gift to Jesus
Paul and Peter
Psalm 50 Anglican Chant
River in Judea
Roll of Black Edging for a Garden
Tàladh Chriosda – The Christ Child’s Lullabye


(in no particular order)


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