What is a “Presbytera”?

I have been married to an Episcopal priest since 1992.

In the Greek Orthodox church, the “Presbytera” (the other half of the consecrated priest) is a non-ordained but understood-as-holy minister. I try to be… My marriage vows included the commitment: “I will,  with God’s help.”

I lead the music for our parish’s Saturday Night Service (FMI: http://www.stpaulswellsboro.org). Some people say my ministry is diaconal. All I know is, God’s in charge– of all of me, to the best I understand and allow this.

My “secular” ministries have been about empowerment and encouragement, whether out in front or behind the scenes. I tend to find that our Lord calls me to fill gaps for which he has been quietly equipping me.


One response to “What is a “Presbytera”?

  1. From a hilarious story I heard today:
    A presbytera may also be someone who gets off the plane, grabs a taxi, and then rushes into the first shoestore to buy a new pair of pumps, changes into her dressy suit in the next-door bar’s bathroom, and then saunters “relaxedly” into the scheduled funeral service around the corner…. when time has proved a tad too short! :~)

    From a hilarious story I lived yesterday at the Cathedral:
    A presbytera may be sitting firmly (very firmly) on a loudly crowing rooster… for ten long minutes… when she seems oddly reluctant to turn all the way around to converse with someone who’s dropped into the pew behind her for a little chat! (Oh yes she did!) :~)


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